Cosmetic Dentistry Is On the Rise In The U.K.

dental patientsWhen it comes to teeth, Brits don't have the best reputation. And the facts back that up to a point. For instance, "Just 3% of people in the UK have had teeth-whitening work, lagging behind the 14% in the US," BBC News reports. Moreover, three out of 10 British adults admit that they are unhappy with the appearance of their teeth.

These statistics, while not exactly promising, are only the beginning. As Brits get exposed to more mainstream television and celebrities with so-called "perfect teeth," insecurities are only likely to rise. The good news is that, with some simple restorative dental care and/or cosmetic dentistry whitening, dental patients all over the world can be considerably closer to the perfect smile. Here are some accessible cosmetic procedures that can help:

Dental Implants: A Step Toward Effective And Long-Lasting Restorative Dental Care

While just "6% of UK adults have no natural teeth," according to BBC News, that doesn't mean everyone has a full mouth of teeth. In fact, the number of Britons missing one or more teeth is relatively high. And that's where dental implants come in. Implants can improve your smile relatively quickly -- and in more than one way. First, implants replace missing teeth, improving the look of your smile. Second, they are highly effective -- with a success rate of about 98%! More than 3 million Americans currently have implants, which look and feel like real teeth, and the dental procedure is growing in popularity in the U.K. as well.

Professional Whitening

Whitening can make an incredible difference -- even if your smile is imperfect in other ways. A nation-wide survey of U.S. dental patients shows that 82.5% notice a considerable difference after just one, in-office whitening treatment. A brighter, whiter smile can increase confidence, and it can be achieved during just one short (or a few short) appointments.

Cosmetic dentistry is gaining ground in the U.S. -- and all over the world. In years to come, British adults are vastly more likely to invest in implants and professional whitening procedures.

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