Dentistry From Home: Is It Possible?

your dentalOver the next 15 years, about 200 million people will join the ranks of existing edentulous patients, meaning 200 million more people will be missing one or more adult teeth. The reason for declining dental health is fairly straightforward: given increasingly busy lifestyles, more Americans and people all over the world neglect to visit the dentist regularly, if at all. Thankfully, this is something that dental patients can easily change -- and they're not in it alone, either.

The Dentist That Comes To You
Thanks to the SmileFaith Mobile Mountain Dental and Medical Bus in Letcher County, Kentucky, over 60 more Americans have a full mouth of teeth. A group of volunteer dentists took turns manning the mobile dental bus and fitting patients with dental devices for missing teeth, including crowns, bridges, and full-mouth dentures. It is a 100% free service, enabling patients who may not have transportation and/or adequate funding to count themselves among the 15 million Americans with crowns and dental bridges. Kentucky residents aren't the only ones who benefit from the complimentary dental work. "The bus travels all around southeastern Appalachia throughout the year," WYMT TV Mountain News reports.

The New, Better Options To Look Out For
The SmileFaith Mobile Mountain Dental and Medical bus is an admirable operation to be sure, but the fact remains that it does not -- and cannot -- operate in all areas. And that's where new technology in dentistry comes in. Specifically, 3D imaging and mobile applications are changing current dental practices, making it possible (at least in some cases) to look after your dental needs from the comfort of your home. These apps and/or devices make it possible for Americans to scan their teeth or take 3D images of their teeth at home, and send the images to the dentist. Using these images, dentists can save time and prepare for office visits without taking extra time to do scans, X-rays, molds, etc.

Over two-thirds of Americans 35 to 44 are missing at least one tooth -- and that number is growing. Keep all of your teeth healthy and in your mouth by carefully and completely attending to your dental health. If time is an issue, look into any mobile dentists or mobile technology that can save you time at the dentist.

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