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The Art Of Dentistry


What is involved with creating a predictable outcome for a smile enhancement?

There are three levels of care—health, restorative and artistry—and they all need to be coordinated.

Having an artistic eye is paramount. However, precise technical skills along with using current advanced technology is vital.

What are some of the important factors for a natural beautiful smile?

Color is always an important concern. I usually incorporate three to five subtle hues along with translucency in the biting edge. Plus, matching the whites of one’s eyes gives a very balanced look while allowing our two dominant features to complement each other.

Shape and length are also artistically determined. Allowing for at least two millimeters of teeth showing creates a more youthful smile. I follow the profiles of the patient’s face for the most natural tooth form to give each patient their unique smile.

What distinguishes high quality dentistry from
average dentistry?

Artistry in dentistry is the ability to enhance a smile to optimize a patient’s best features while allowing the patient to still look like themselves only younger, more vibrant and healthier.

A smile can be broadened and made fuller to help support and give volume to the lips and cheeks. A painless laser procedure can help eliminate a gummy smile.

If the teeth are worn, causing creases in the corners of the lips, the bite can be raised to fill out the lower third of the face. This is incredibly enhancing to an aging smile while also helping open the patient’s airway for better breathing. These techniques can be visualized as a nonsurgical “facelift.”

A truly comfortable and happy smile can open doors and people’s hearts. Smiling is body language everyone knows.

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