Top Dentists - Sarasota, FL

Top Dentists - Sarasota, FL

Dr. Christine Koval is a Sarasota general dentist concentrating in cosmetic dentistry. Her name is mentioned in almost every conversation about aesthetic dentistry. Here, Dr. Koval details some of the common questions regarding her practice in today’s environment.

Dr. Koval has been practicing in Sarasota for more than 20 years. “In my practice, my patients want comprehensive dental care, knowing that if the need arises they can get the best cosmetic dentistry without leaving the office,” she says. “We track a patient’s welfare through hygiene and examinations including the latest in digital X-Ray and lasers. We inform the patients of problems that may exist and our best estimate of when the work should be performed.”

Having restored almost every type of bite and smile imaginable, Dr. Koval says a common question from new patients is, “What should you look for when interviewing a cosmetic dentist?” “The best advice I can give is to look at the dentist’s portfolio,” she says. “Do you like the completed finishes? How often does the dentist do this type of work? Do they have the latest in equipment and lasers? What is your confidence level with that dentist?”

Another common question is, “How many teeth should I do and how white should I go?” Dr. Koval says, “I view the patient’s eyes and complexion, along with the amount of show when speaking and smiling. Photography is used to visualize what needs to be done and, of course, discussions of budget constraints are always considered.” Dr. Koval listens intently to her patients. Her approach to discussing dentistry is well thought out and engaging. “Creating a great smile requires partnership, and my work is always a cooperative effort,” she says.

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