When Professional Tooth Bleaching Or Whitening Is A Must

Just about everyone -- 82.5% of dental patients, in fact -- notices a big difference after some of the best whitening treatments, like professional tooth bleaching. Of course, while it may be optimal professional tooth bleachingto flash a healthy smile (and a dazzling white one at that), it isn't necessarily practical to visit the dentist for professional whitening treatments day in and day out. (Chances are, after all, that you do have time commitments like a job and certain restrictions, like a budget.) If you have to pick and choose, what are the best times to whiten teeth?

You've Got A Job Interview (Good For You!)
So you've got an interview. Congratulations. Now, don't mess it up. According to The Under Cover Recruiter, most hiring managers make decisions about hiring within the first 90 seconds of your interview. As you can imagine, most of the clues interpreted in that short time frame are visual. That means it is essential for you to wear clean, wrinkle-free, and professional attire -- and, yes, for you to have a mouth full of presentable pearly whites. And don't ignore this one; remember, 74% of Americans agree that the appearance of your teeth can ultimately affect your career.

There's A Big Wedding Coming Up
It is pretty common to make some effort to improve your smile for an upcoming wedding, especially if you are in the bridal party or if it's your big day. While many wedding attendees and brides- and grooms-to-be nitpick about other details, a lot of people will forget about their teeth, and they matter. Yellow, stained teeth can easily ruin a good picture, and professional tooth bleaching is your friend.

An overwhelming amount of people (89%, according to a Harris Interactive survey) believe that white teeth go a long way to make a good first impression. Remember to whiten teeth for important occasions, like that job interview or the wedding you're going to next month.

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