As dental care technology progresses, we strive to remain at the forefront of each exciting change. Through the use of the latest dental care techniques and state-of-the-art technology, we help our patients experience excellent dental health. Thanks to advances in laser dentistry, our dental care center provides the safest and most efficient treatment possible, with numerous aesthetic and health benefits. 

About Laser Dentistry

While lasers have been used in diagnostics and as part of teeth whitening treatments, we want to focus on the use of lasers for the treatment of soft tissues (e.g., the gums) and hard tissues (e.g., the teeth). We use a variety of lasers at our Sarasota practice to treat our patients:

  • The Waterlase laser treats both hard and soft tissues, with the ability to perform laser surgeries such as frenectomies and biopsies with ease
  • The diode is a soft tissue laser that can remove infection in the gums, sculpt soft tissue, and treat cold sores.
  • The argon laser is used to perform fast and efficient bonding.
  • The Diagnodent laser identifies decay in the mouth; cavities can be detected and treated at their earlier stages to prevent further damage.

Advantages of Soft Tissue Laser Dentistry Treatment

  • Minimal bleeding – Dental lasers cauterize as they cut, which results in far less bleeding
  • Lowers the chance of infection – Dental lasers cauterize and involve no physical contact with the tissues, there’s very little chance of infection
  • Reduced need for anesthetic – Dental lasers cause less discomfort than scalpels of the past and require less anesthetic for treatment
  • Less discomfort while healing from treatment – Not only is soft tissue treatment more convenient with dental lasers, patients also report far less discomfort as they heal when compared to the soft tissue treatment techniques of the past
  • Faster recovery times – Sutures are unnecessary and soft tissue trauma is limited, allowing patients to heal faster when they are treated with dental lasers

Advantages of Hard Tissue Laser Dentistry Treatment

  • No whirring or buzzing sounds – The annoying sound of the drill is gone! Instead, patients just hear a light tapping noise
  • No excessive heat from drill friction – Drill bits generate heat due to friction, but the dental laser is frictionless and its heat is regulated with water
  • No tooth trauma from drill friction – Dental drills could potentially cause fractures in tooth structure from pressure and friction, but this is no longer an issue with a dental laser
  • Greater accuracy – Dental lasers offer pinpoint accuracy not available to dental drills, meaning dentists are able to be more precise than ever before
  • Patients retain more of their tooth structure – Given the accuracy and safety of the dental laser, patients also keep more of the natural tooth structure, which improves dental health in the long run.


Whether you undergo laser dentistry for hard tissue treatment or soft tissue treatment, it’s important to us that your dental care procedure is affordable. We believe that there should be no unreasonable obstacles between a patient and good dental health. Our Sarasota practice accepts different methods of payment as well as dental financing.

The Average Cost of Laser Dentistry

The cost of your laser dentistry treatment will vary based on the type of care you need, the complexity of your case, and other specific needs. A consultation with Dr. Koval is the best way to receive accurate pricing for your laser dentistry procedure. During your consultation, we will be sure to provide you with a personalized price quote along with a detailed breakdown of all of the expenses involved.

Methods of Payment

We accept all traditional methods of payment for laser dentistry care:

  • Cash
  • Check
  • Major credit card
  • Care Credit
  • Springstone

Dental Financing for Advanced Laser Dentistry

We strive to make laser dentistry available to all patients in the Sarasota area by offering dental care financing. By dividing the cost of care into monthly installments, every patient can afford a healthy and beautiful smile.

A Better Dental Care Experience

Dental care lasers create a better experience for the patient and improved results for the dental care professional. With laser dentistry, both the dentists and their patients come out on top! Schedule a Consultation for Laser Dentistry Treatment


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