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Non-Surgical Periodontal Care

More than half of Americans are affected by periodontal or gum disease, which is caused by a bacterial infection hidden below the gums. You may suffer from this disease if you’ve noticed bleeding while brushing or flossing. Even with regular dental cleanings, the cycle of gum disease often continues between visits. This is because regular toothbrushes, floss, and washes can’t reach deep enough to address the infection.  

Without proper care, gum disease can lead to:

  • Painful inflammation of gum tissue
  • Dangerous infections
  • Loss of otherwise healthy tooth structure
  • Damage to the underlying bone and soft tissue in the mouth
  • Diabetes or other serious diseases 

Fortunately, we’ve found something that works wonders. The Perio Tray®, by Perio Protect, is used by gently applying medication to a customized tray that allows the treatment to go deep under the gums to fight infections. Comfortable and flexible, the tray is worn only minutes each day.

In addition to healthier gums, patients who have tried The Perio Tray® report whiter teeth and fresher breath. The overall results are wonderful – and we are happy knowing you have the freedom to control and reverse the disease in the comfort of your home.