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Dear Dr. Chris,

Just a short note to say a big thank you for the work which you have done for me and my teeth. I never imagined what a difference it would make to my appearance. You were so patient and gentle with me and the support and care from everyone in your practice was quite remarkable. You really are all a wonderful team and I feel so grateful to have been recommended to you.

With Many Thanks from,

I was never comfortable with my smile. Now, I’m smiling all the time. It’s terrific. I feel so much more confident and overall, I feel much better about myself. It’s been a real boost for my self-esteem. I only wish I had done it sooner. Dr. Koval is such a caring professional. It was her enthusiasm and love for her work that convinced me. She has given me the most treasured gift of all my smile.

Thanks, Dr. Koval!

Dr. Christine Koval,

Thank you! Having this artistic cosmetic dentistry done has given me new confidence. Now I know that my true smile is able to come through beautifully from the inside-out to everyone who sees my smile. You are very talented and get gorgeous results! I recommend this to everyone considering a change in their appearance! They can get ready for a positive change in the way they feel!!

Many Thanks,

Who would believe it? First of all, I’m not the type of person who runs to the dentist in fact, prior to meeting Dr. Koval, I generally went years without being dragged into my dentist’s office. As you can ascertain, dental offices are not my favorite spot, and I also have a raging needle phobia, which kept me even further away from any medical personnel.

Then I met Christine Koval! I was immediately put at ease by her remarkable staff, and after meeting Christine, I knew I had come to the right place. Professional, down to earth, compassionate and knowledgeable in her art (yes, she is an artist), I knew I had come to the right place (especially since I live in Peoria, Illinois!)

I know prospective clients might not believe it but I felt no pain during the procedures. Everyone was so conscientious and competent; it made my procedure a pleasure. But, most importantly, you should see my dazzling smile!!!!! I never would have believed my smile could look so FABULOUS!!!!! Thank you so much—–you were all a gift from the heavens!


Dr.Christine and all,

My smile is perfect, you did it!!!! Thank you, each and everyone, for your patience, kindness and caring.

What a pleasure to be your patient.

Very Fondly,

Dear Chris,

My body and mind were rejecting the notion that I needed to include all this pain in my life.

I began a yahoo research program on causes of neck and back pain at the same time I became increasingly aware of how small and misaligned my teeth were. Over the years, many different dentists ground down various teeth to try and help the problem. (I just let them keep on grinding).

Finally, I came to you and your staff. You explained the process; what was happening and why. The common sense approach, process and outcome all came together for me. I didn’t hesitate to commit because I felt extremely confident and comfortable with your plan.

I am extremely grateful to you and all the wonderful people working with you for eliminating over 90% of my previous pain. So, from the bottom of my heart, and to all you wonderful people for making this happen, I thank you.

This was the best dental procedure I have ever had—most effective not just treating and covering the symptoms. What a wonderful improvement in my life!


When I look at myself in the mirror, I am so pleased. I really felt my teeth aged me and felt somewhat self-conscious when I would smile broadly or laugh.

They are so natural and beautiful looking now. In fact, people always comment on my good-looking smile.

It really takes an artist to create such a natural smile with a perfect bite! I could not be more pleased!


I went to 3 different dentists for consultations. After meeting with Dr. Koval I knew she was the person I felt most comfortable with …she really listened… PLUS my orthodontist gave me her name as his first choice when I consulted with him. My goal was to have straight, bright AND natural looking teeth- now I do.

I feel that you all are doing an outstanding job of giving the patient information and guidance. Warm, friendly and talented…describes the entire staff. The devotion and pride of all your staff is a reflection of how you approach each patient.


I came to you because of your reputation and am I glad I did! I can’t think of anything that you haven’t done to make such a potentially unpleasant procedure a comfortable one. Everyone was so professional and helpful.

It was a good experience. My goals were to restore my smile. You more than met my goals—I love my “new look”

The improvement was more than I expected. It has changed my life. I now can smile without my teeth being a big problem. I only wish I had done it much, much earlier.


I have known the Koval Family for years. They have taken care of my dentistry since I moved to Florida. All of my concerns were always addressed.

The whole procedure was very relaxing and comfortable. Besides a brighter and more youthful smile, I also have a much better bite than I had before.

I think you are doing a great job cannot think of anything that would improve your services. I am so very proud of my new smile and enjoy all the compliments I am receiving.


My husband initially did all the research on selecting the best cosmetic dentist in the area. He concluded that it was Dr Koval. I agree he picked a great team.

Dr Chris and her staff were terrific. I was impressed at how well everyone worked together and Dr Chris’ expertise surely guarantees the result. My teeth are terrific!

I feel great and really happy with the results. Laughter and smiles make the world a better place—so a great smile is worth smiling about!!!


Dear Dr Christine, I am certain I have been one of your most challenging cases in dental restoration and reconstruction in our practice.

From the first time I ever sat down with you and Becky for consultation, while feeling totally discouraged at the prospect of a long and complicated process I was about to embark on, you and your dedicated staff demonstrated with utmost care, compassion, warmth and professionalism.

I have received nothing but the best, consistent top quality care throughout the entire process.


Thanks so much for my “Happy Teeth”!!!


You’ve proven to me that there are angels here on earth. Thank you so much for making me feel and look better while I was on vacation.

I will never forget you or you staffs’ kindness and incredible skill.

Have a great life!


Thank you so much for coming to our rescue by fixing my mom’s teeth.

You were willing to help a total stranger when neither Mom’s dentist or mine were the least bit concerned. I’m going to have both of our files transferred to your office!!

I can see why my friends speak so highly of you. Sincerely Sue

Please know how grateful I am to have found my way to you and your talented caring group. 

Your work has exceeded my expectations.



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