What is my Dentist Doing With Laser?

Technology is constantly evolving. Every industry looks for ways to automate burdensome tasks, simplify processes, and alleviate pain points.  We are here to tell you that dentistry is no different.  The state-of-the-art technology used in forward-thinking dental offices empowers dentists to take better care of their patients. At Koval & Koval, we are always looking for ways to create more satisfying experiences for the people who walk in our doors.  Discovering and investing in high-end technology helps us do just that, which is why we’re always looking to the horizon for the most innovative solutions. One of the most important investments we’ve made has been in laser technology. We want to help patients understand the benefits of this technology for cosmetic dentistry, so we’ve put together this brief introduction to laser dentistry.  What is Laser Dentistry?   Laser dentistry is an approach to dental procedures that uses laser technology to improve results...
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Take Comfort in the Waterlase iPlus

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If you’re familiar with our practice, you know that creating a comfortable environment for our patients ranks high on our list. In fact, it’s right up there with delivering impeccable results. However, we realize that some necessary procedures aren’t always a complete breeze. That’s why we are extremely pleased to tell you about one of our newest pieces of technology: the Biolase Waterlase iPlus. It’s minimally invasive, highly precise and exceptionally gentle. Essentially, it merges comfort with results. So, what is it? The Waterlase combines water, air and laser energy to energize water molecules to precisely cause a "cool" biological cutting of hard and soft tissues. This means no heat, pressure or vibration to trigger pain. Yes—a painless dental visit! Some common uses for the Waterlase include removing infection in the gums, sculpting tissue, treating cold sores and performing laser surgeries and biopsies. Here are its advantages: Virtually painlessMore naturalLess bleeding...
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