5 Popular Cosmetic Dental Services in Sarasota, FL

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Having unattractive teeth and gums can easily cause people to stop smiling and avoid social events. But they don’t have to continue to suffer thanks to cosmetic dental services. Because of several technological improvements, cosmetic dental problems are easier than ever to repair. If you feel self-conscious from unattractive teeth and gum problems, here are five popular cosmetic dental services in Sarasota, Florida that you help you start smiling, again.

Tooth Whitening

The cosmetic dental treatment that’s probably the one most recommended by a cosmetic dentist is teeth whitening, also called bleaching. This is done to remove stains caused from foods, coffee, tea or discoloration due to poor oral hygiene.

Although some people bleach their teeth at home, it’s safer and more effective to have your teeth whitened by a dentist. This process entails a dentist creating a custom-made mouthpiece so that the right amount of bleaching solution is used. It’s also done to ensure that your teeth have the proper exposure. In most cases, a whitening treatment entails one or more treatments, which can last from 45 minutes to an hour.

Tooth Bonding

Tooth bonding is done for filling in gaps in teeth or for changing tooth color. This treatment is so-named because a tooth-colored resin substance is bonded to a tooth. It’s also used for closing gaps between teeth, as well covering the exterior surface of a tooth so that the tooth’s shape and color are changed.

Furthermore, a tooth bonding can be performed for filling small cavities because it looks better than silver fillings.The technique is less expensive than most treatments. Each tooth takes about 30 minutes to an hour to complete, and the treatment usually takes only one visit.

Porcelain Veneers

One of the biggest cosmetic dental trends is porcelain veneers. One reason for their popularity is that it’s a quicker way to repair gaps or teeth that have shifted than using braces. Dentists often use porcelain veneers for repairing cracks or chips in teeth or when a whitening treatment hasn’t produced the desired results.

Because porcelain veneers are produced in a laboratory, the treatment entails more than a single appointment. However, they offer more color stability, besides a greater life expectancy than bonding does.

Dental Implants

When you have missing teeth, your face can collapse, which can visually age you. That’s why many people choose to have dental implants, which are fabricated tooth root replacements, used along with a prosthetic dental treatment.

Dental implants are so effective that they can last for a long time. Whether you’ve lost only one tooth of several teeth, this cosmetic dental treatment can not only make you look younger, but it can also improve your health.

Full Mouth Restoration

A full mouth restoration, also known as a full mouth reconstruction, is a combination of several neuromuscular, restorative and cosmetic treatments. In addition to making your teeth look better, a full mouth restoration also improves the function and structure of teeth. One way to understand this is by considering how a fractured tooth can create issues with a bite, leading to chewing difficulties and tooth wear.

Your dentist may recommend a full mouth restoration for conditions such as missing teeth, chronic jaw pain popping or jaw clicking, back pain, frequent headaches or muscle tenderness.

Considerations and Warnings

  • When choosing which cosmetic dental treatment is best for you, consider the desired result that you’re trying to achieve and the condition of your teeth.
  • Ask to see “before-and-after” photos of patients who’ve had cosmetic dental treatments done.
  • Ask your dentist about the maintenance that’s required for keeping the results of your treatment for as long as possible.
  • Inquire about the durability of the technique you’re considering because you want to be sure that you don't invest a lot of money on a treatment that doesn’t last long.
  • Because dentists often use some type of anesthesia, be sure to ask your cosmetic dentist to do a test to see if you’re allergic to Novocaine.
  • There are several reasons for dental cosmetic problems, such as genetics, poor oral hygiene, excess sugar consumption and fractured teeth. Also, drinking too much coffee, tea or red wine can cause tooth staining.

Don’t hesitate to call Koval and Koval Dental Associates for any questions you may have regarding cosmetic dental treatments. With over 25 years of experience in cosmetic, restorative and laser dentistry, Dr. Christine Koval is a caring Sarasota cosmetic dentist, who is well qualified to do whatever procedure you need. Please contact us.



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What to Expect from the Porcelain Crown Procedure | Sarasota, FL


When a cracked tooth makes you nervous about biting down on hard foods or a discolored tooth makes you self conscious about smiling, it's time to visit our Sarasota, Florida, office to consider inserting a porcelain crown. Just as you may apply a concealer to cover up a skin imperfection, you can cover up tooth imperfections with pieces of porcelain formed to fit your mouth, delivering the appearance of a healthy tooth. We can do this for individual teeth or multiple teeth, and we may also consider adding a bridge to fill in gaps caused by missing teeth.

This process is safe and pain is minimal, but what can you really expect?

Consultation & Preparation

Every crown procedure starts with a thorough examination. This is an important step which allows us to consider all possible solutions to your problem before determining that a crown is the best way to improve your smile. We will consider the strength of your teeth, the health of your gums, and other factors before presenting your options.

If a crown is determined to be your best option, we will form your tooth so that it is the appropriate size to accommodate the crown. Depending on the condition of your teeth, this will involve either filing the tooth down to a smaller size or using filler to increase its size and achieve the best shape. We will then create a mold of the tooth and surrounding teeth so that an outside lab can customize the crown. We'll install a temporary crown before you leave the office.

The Crowning Process

Your customized crown has been delivered to our office, and you're sitting in the chair eagerly awaiting your smile transformation. We start by making you comfortable and answering any questions that may linger in your mind. We may use a local anesthetic to control pain, or you may opt for general anesthesia to ensure you aren't aware of the work taking place. You may choose a different pain control option depending on the number of crowns installed and your pain tolerance, so we'll discuss all of your options with you during your initial consultation.

The procedure requires our experienced cosmetic dentists to adhere the crown to the teeth, securing it so that you can eat, drink and laugh without concern of it loosening or falling out. The process may take less than an hour for a single crown or several hours for multiple crowns.

Post-Procedure Recovery & Adjustment

Once the anesthesia wears off, you may feel some tenderness in your gums or jawline. While most people consider the pain minor and take over-the-counter medication for comfort, you may experience more pain if you require a root canal prior to placing the crown or have tooth damage close to your tooth nerves.

The biggest adjustment you may experience is looking in the mirror and loving your smile. The flaws that you once focused on are gone, so you can show your teeth without wondering what others think about those imperfections.

Long-Term Care

Treat your porcelain crowns just as you would your natural teeth. You can protect them from chips, cracks and breakage by being cautious when biting into hard foods. It's also important to brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste and floss at least twice a day to ensure food isn't left between your teeth, plaque is eliminated, and your gums remain healthy. If you don't follow these basic steps to care for your teeth, your crown may loosen or fall out in the future.

Are You Considering Porcelain Crowns?

Now that you know what to expect from the dental crown procedure, contact us to schedule your initial consultation. We can't wait to give you the smile that you deserve.

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Cosmetic Dentistry Means Caring for the Whole Patient

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When someone is considering cosmetic dentistry, they are typically most concerned with aesthetic or health considerations. Perhaps their teeth aren’t straight, or they’ve yellowed, or they have a poor bite that’s causing joint or muscle pain. Cosmetic dentistry can address those and more issues, so that patients can enjoy a beautiful and healthy smile for years to come.

However, a great cosmetic dentist isn’t just concerned about the physical process of treatment. Dentistry is an area of medicine that causes anxiety for many people. Some studies indicate that as many as 75 percent of adults in the U.S. experience some form of dental fear; as many as 10 percent of adults experience dental phobia, which may cause them to avoid dental care completely.

At Koval & Koval, we want our patients to feel comfortable every step of the way. From the complimentary consultation, through treatment, through the final follow-up visit, we understand that a comfortable, happy patient will enjoy a more successful course of treatment than one who is fearful and stressed.

What makes Dr. Koval truly stand out in her field isn’t just her years of experience and commitment to continuing education – it’s her concern for the physical and emotional well-being of her patients. Dr. Koval listens to her patients, takes the time to help them understand every step of their treatment, and has a caring and compassionate nature that puts patients at ease.

Creating a visually appealing and soothing atmosphere also help Dr. Koval’s patients to relax. The entry to her office features a gorgeous tropical fish tank. Visitors can enjoy coffee, tea or spring water from the refreshment center. There are fleece blankets, warm neck pillows and back massaging dental chairs. After treatment, there are moist, scented towels for freshening up.

Most importantly, Dr. Koval’s nurturing personality creates a supportive environment for her patients. She understand that many people are nervous about dental procedures and takes great pride not only in her ability to create great smiles, but also in her efforts to nurture happy, worry-free patients. She loves to see her patients smile on the way in AND on the way out of her office.

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A Compelling Case for Cosmetic Dentistry

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Whether you've always been adamant about taking proper care of your teeth or whether you haven't visited a dental clinic in years out of a fear of the dentist (which is a real phobia that many people have), cosmetic dental work may be exactly what you need to restore the health and aesthetic of your teeth. Here are a couple reasons why you have every right to improve your smile at your local cosmetic dental clinic:

First off, professional tooth bleaching can make your teeth up to 10 shades whiter -- but most importantly, when you turn to a professional for this procedure (rather than using strips out of a box at home), the materials used in a clinic will instantly whiten teeth without using harsh chemicals that could harm your teeth or gums. Another alternative to improve your smile is to have veneers set in place, which will give you an ultra-white color without worrying about any possible damage to your natural teeth.

Considering that teeth whitening treatments are currently the most common cosmetic dental procedure in the U.S., you don't have to feel embarrassed or guilty for wanting a healthy smile and a whiter smile. In fact, about 74% of adults today believe that an unattractive smile can have a significant negative effect on a person's professional success -- and it's not hard to see the connection between feeling confident in your appearance and feeling competent at work.

Second, contrary to the name itself, cosmetic dentistry is about a lot more than just the exterior appearance of your teeth. Procedures like dental implants, whitening, braces and tooth reshaping are often considered restorative dental care, meaning that the procedures restore your natural teeth as much as possible and can help improve the overall health of your mouth as well.

It's worth mentioning that oral health doesn't affect just your mouth. Your overall health can decline when you do not take care of your teeth and gums; plaque buildup, for example, can increase your likelihood of developing heart disease.

Quite simply, you owe it to your body to improve your smile!

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Cosmetic Dentists: Because Your Teeth Don't Deserve an Amateur

restorative dental careGoing to the dentist every year is recommended to maintain a healthy smile. However, sometimes a traditional dentist isn't enough. For procedures such as teeth whitening, dental implants, bonding, veneers, crowns, and bridges, cosmetic dentists are much better trained and experienced. Restorative dental care, whether it is something that's niceto have done (such as teeth whitening) or something more restorative (such as teeth implants), is a burgeoning and impressive field of dentistry.

Current dental procedures have gone through extensive innovation in the past 30 years. Technology in dentistry has improved, making restorative dental care much more efficient and accessible to the wider public. Indeed, figures show that every year, half a million Americans install dental implants. Moreover, Americans spend an estimated $1.4 billionannually on teeth whitening products and procedures. There is no shortage of people today who want to improve their teeth with the best means available.

How reliable is restorative dental care? Well, the results speak for themselves. According to the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, more than three million Americans have dental implants. And according to various scientific studies, the success rate of dental implants stands at an astonishing 98% and can last for a lifetime. Teeth implants are usually made of titanium. They are screwed into the jawline, which will eventually heal over it and securely fasten it in the mouth. Cosmetic dentistry whitening is also very effective. Using bleach and laser technology, cosmetic dentists can whiten teeth by up to 10 shades. With such stellar results, it is no wonder that teeth whitening is the most popular cosmetic dental procedure in the U.S.

Of course, it is most important to take care of your teeth yourself and to first see a regular dentist for your dental needs. However, if you would like that little extra for your pearly whites, restorative dental care may be just the thing for you.

What are your thoughts about cosmetic dental procedures? Feel free to leave a comment at the bottom. Happy smiles!

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